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“The PEXIM Foundation for Cambridge Scholarships is formed as a non- profit organization carrying forward the PEXIM brand name and successes of PEXIM Group in the South East Europe region. The Foundation works with the Governments of Serbia and Macedonia as well as private sector to ensure that Cambridge students, our scholars, have worthwhile jobs to come back to."

    Mihail Petreski



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PEXIM Foundation networking event in honour of the new generation of PEXIM scholars

September 16, 2016

On Thursday, 8th September, PEXIM Foundation organised a networking event in honour of the new generation of PEXIM scholars. The PEXIM Foundation has the honour and pleasure to, in cooperation with the Cambridge Trust and Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development, provide support to four students from Serbia and Macedonia to embark on master studies at University of Cambridge. Among them, one student comes from the field of Law, one from Psychology, one from Urban Design and one from Technology Policy.

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PEXIM Foundation in ,,Tri tacke” talk show

May 05, 2016

Members of PEXIM Foundation, Ana Brnabic, Borjan Lazarevic and Valentina Colic, participated as guests of journalist Ivana Zaric in the ,,Tri tacke” talk show, where they presented the mission and activities of PEXIM Foundation.

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PEXIM scholar Tamara Nora Zivkovic elected WCSA Green & Campaigns Officer 2015-2016

May 05, 2016

The Wolfson College Students’ Association (WCSA) is responsible for the provision of social, sporting and recreational activities for students of Wolfson College. Elected WCSA Officers are also responsible for representing the student body on committees within the College and across the University of Cambridge.

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