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“The PEXIM Foundation for Cambridge Scholarships is formed as a non- profit organization carrying forward the PEXIM brand name and successes of PEXIM Group in the South East Europe region. The Foundation works with the Governments of Serbia and Macedonia as well as private sector to ensure that Cambridge students, our scholars, have worthwhile jobs to come back to."

    Mihail Petreski




PEXIM scholar Tamara Nora Zivkovic elected WCSA Green & Campaigns Officer 2015-2016

May 05, 2016
PEXIM scholar Tamara Nora Zivkovic elected WCSA Green & Campaigns Officer 2015-2016

The Wolfson College Students’ Association (WCSA) is responsible for the provision of social, sporting and recreational activities for students of Wolfson College. Elected WCSA Officers are also responsible for representing the student body on committees within the College and across the University of Cambridge. 

As WCSA Green & Campaigns Officer main role is to advance environmentally friendly policies in college. This is done by engaging both college staff and students namely through Green block and house representatives. WCSA Green & Campaigns Officer represents the student body on the Carbon Reduction Committee, Catering Committee and Development Committee. 

Key focus is on recycling strategies, organising environmentally friendly events and campaigns. WCSA Green & Campaigns Officer takes initiative to support University wide campaigns such as the Switch Off Week when electricity in colleges is monitored and colleges which decrease electricity consumed from previous week get awards. In addition, WCSA Officer attends Cambridge University Student Union (CUSU) conferences and cooperates with Green Officers in other colleges for inter-collegiate campaigns and events such as a Green Quiz about climate change during the 2016 Switch Off Week.

Being WCSA Green & Campaigns Officer is not only about raising awareness related to climate change and environmental concerns. Each term WCSA Green & Campaigns Officer organises campaigns in cooperation with charities to promote causes such as education with Campaign for Female Education (Camfed) by having movie nights at least once a term. Camfed documentaries ‘Where Water Meets the Sky’ in November 2015, and ‘The Entrepreneurs’ in February 2016, were screened and followed by fundraising for Camfed.

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