Jelena Dumić


MPhil in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Jelena completed an MPhil course in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics at the University of Cambridge as a member of Fitzwilliam College. Her goal is to specialise in the field of cognitive linguistics, pragmatics, psycholinguistics and first language acquisition in order to develop a linguistic programme which would be available for teachers working with autistic children. In this way, these children would enhance their communication skills and it would be easier for them to integrate into the community and be accepted by their teachers and peers.

Jelena graduated from the Faculty of Philology at the University of Belgrade with a GPA of 9.89. At the close of her undergraduate studies she worked on a voluntary basis for the non-governmental organisation Teach Me [Nauči me] as part of a team engaged in the project Vučilo – the Valley of Magic Words [Vučilo – Dolina magičnih reči], a linguistic video game played on smartphones and tablets, with the aim to improve primary and secondary school students’ knowledge of their mother tongue.