Milena Milićević


Mphil in Management

Milena graduated from Judge Business School, The University of Cambridge, with an MPhil in Management degree. She was at Murray Edwards College. Prior to Cambridge, Milena also obtained MA in English Language and Literature from the Faculty of Philology at The University of Belgrade.

Since her return to Serbia, Milena has worked as a business development strategist at ARVRtech and as a university lecturer at The School of Engineering Management in Belgrade.

Milena conducts two entrepreneurial endeavours: a non-profit (since 2016) and a digital transformation consultancy (since 2018).

She is the founder of a non-profit INAT Centre (Innovation Attitude Centre) and INAT Summit that develops competences of driven IT teams for digital transformation and Industries 4.0.

Milena is among 20 first consultants selected and certified for digital transformation in Serbia by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. She helps businesses to implement digital transformation strategy, create new business models and adopt IT solutions.

Apart from contributing to innovation ecosystem in Serbia and SEE, Milena has been working in global event and project management (2009 Belgrade Universiade, 2011 German Parliament Internship, 2012 London Olympic Games, 2015 Destination Bid to bring One Young World Summit to Belgrade).

By age 24 Milena has been awarded for distinguished achievements by three governments and international bodies: The Fund for Young Talents, The Ministry of Youth and Sport, The Republic of Serbia; DAAD and German Parliament; as well as Cambridge International Trust and PEXIM Foundation.

“My intention is to help young talents unlock their entrepreneurial potential so that they can thrive through uncertainty in IT business and bring value into the global market with their made-in-Serbia products and services."