USA Scholarship Database

We present you with a database of scholarships available to international students interested in studying in the US. Scholarships are divided into four groups, based on their source of funding: academic, government, non-government and company scholarships. The database includes 250 universities offering undergraduate scholarships and 150 universities offering master scholarships. This list is not exhaustive and is meant to provide a starting point for your research. Selection criteria is based on the US News & World Report list of the best universities in the US.

Additional funding - Word from our alumna Iva Jugović
Become a Resident Assistant and Cut College Costs

Resident Assistant (RA) is a student-held position that can help reduce the cost of college attendance. RA are an upper class students who live in the residence halls. They serve as a role model, act as resource for students, and facilitate social and educational programs within the halls. RAs receive a compensation package that will, depending on the university, either partially or fully cover the costs of room and board. Before starting the application process, check with your school’s RA program to see what kind of compensation package they offer.

On campus employment

Working on campus is among the most popular, and in most cases, the only option available for international students. There is a wide range of on campus jobs from cafeteria to teaching assistant positions.

F-1 students may be eligible to work off-campus, although such positions are decided on a case-by-case. For more information go here.

Master scholarships

Graduate students rely heavily on fellowships or assistantships. Always check with your department for additional funding.

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