Support our Mission

According to the words of the PEXIM Foundation President, Mihail Petreski, ’’the Foundation works with the Governments of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of North Macedonia as well as the private sector to ensure that Cambridge students, our scholars, have worthwhile jobs to come back to. The PEXIM Foundation seeks commitment from the Governments of Serbia and North Macedonia that Cambridge graduates will, upon successful completion of their studies, be allocated jobs contributing to the most efficient application of their skills in the economy and/or public administration but also provided with the incentives to put their best efforts into the jobs.’’

So far, the PEXIM Foundation has supported more than 30 students from Serbia and North Macedonia by investing more than one million euros into their education at the University of Cambridge.

Join our noble mission in endorsing young scholars’ education and enabling them to have worthwhile jobs to come back to in Serbia and North Macedonia upon graduation.