About us

The PEXIM Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing scholarships for Serbian and Macedonian students who have been admitted to pursue master’s degrees at the University of Cambridge. In addition to supplying the necessary funds, the Foundation is committed to ensuring that the students have worthwhile jobs to return to and a network of mentors to support their personal and professional development.

The PEXIM Foundation’s overarching mission is to foster the political, economic and social progress of Serbia and North Macedonia by investing in young talents. Its returning scholars support this goal by working for the governments of Serbia and North Macedonia, think-tanks, international intergovernmental organisations, as well as by establishing and engaging in social initiatives.

In order to best implement its vision, the PEXIM Foundation collaborates with the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Trust, the governments of Serbia and North Macedonia, the Centre for International Relations and Sustainable Development (CIRSD), as well as with the private business sector.

To date, together with its partners, the PEXIM Foundation has invested over 1 million euros and supported over 30 Cambridge University graduates.