15 October 2010

Kapital: Interview with Mihail Petreski, Founder of PEXIM and Vice President of Asseco

Mihail Petreski is known to the Macedonian public as the founder of PEXIM.  Two years ago, PEXIM got new owners.  Its founder decided that the company […]
2 October 2010

Start of the Semester

Five recipients of PEXIM Cambridge Scholarships – two from Serbia and three from Macedonia – arrived to Cambridge in time to attend official start of the […]
17 September 2010

Kapital – Interview with Michael O’Sullivan, Director of COT: We want to see more Macedonians in Cambridge

The desire of the businessman Mihail Petreski to contribute to the development of his country by helping talented young people to study at the prestigious Cambridge […]
4 September 2010

MOU Signed between COT and PEXIM Foundation

On Saturday, September 4, 2010, during the press conference organized by Nikola Todorov, Minister of Education in the Government of Macedonia, Michael O’Sullivan and Mihael Petreski […]
3 September 2010

Meeting with Gjeorge Ivanov, President of Macedonia

On 3 September 2010, the President of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov met with Michael O’Sullivan, Mihail Petreski and Vanja Mirkovski of PEXIM Foundation, and recipients of PEXIM […]
1 September 2010

Agreements Signed With Cambridge And Students From Serbia

7 July 2010

COT and PEXIM Create PEXIM Cambridge Scholarships

As a result of Michael O’Sullivan’s visit to Serbia, Cambridge Overseas Trust (COT) offered to establish PEXIM Cambridge Scholarships which would be provided for up to […]
20 June 2010

Michael O’Sullivan, Director of Cambridge Overseas Trust Visits Belgrade

From 20-22 June 2010, Michael O’Sullivan, Director of Cambridge Overseas Trust (COT) visited Belgrade to discuss cooperation with the PEXIM Foundation and meet students who were […]
30 April 2010

Cooperation with the British Council

The British Council is the UK’s leading international organisation for educational and cultural relations.  The Council partners with organizations in Serbia and in the UK to […]